Farmer Cultural Awareness Project

You may have had no idea about all the stressors that farmers face on a daily basis. So, Western Kentucky University, a Raising Hope KY partner, decided that they’d go directly to farmers to see what they’d like to tell you, creating the Farmer Cultural Awareness Project.

Get Informed About Farming

Another great way to support farmers is to visit your local farmers’ market. There, you can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, meats or baked goods straight from the suppliers. Also, you can participate in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to receive a share of food from a farmer on a regular schedule. To find a market or CSA, use the resources below.

You can also learn more about farming by connecting with your county extension office. They provide information about agriculture, from backyard gardening to commercial-scale farming, and everything in between.

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Agriculture for Kids

Children may not fully understand where their food comes from or what exactly farmers do. To help share this knowledge and grow appreciation, there are various programs to educate kids throughout the state.

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Farmer with his kids looking at tools