There’s always a way forward

“Dale Dobson is part of Raising Hope, an organization connected to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

The grain farmer is on a mission to prevent farmers from taking their own lives and make farmers feel significant.

“Everybody’s in a rush, you know,” Dobson said, using examples of people complaining about equipment in the road or in their way. “But nobody ever walks up and comes to you and tells you appreciate it.”

Dobson helped to come up with the idea of Challenge Coins, a symbol to help others know that the work they are doing is important.

“I appreciate you being a farmer. I appreciate your being a friend. I appreciate what you’re doing here. And I appreciate long hours sometimes just feeling appreciated after your kind words — you do not know what the person dealing with that day,” Dobson said.

Dobson and agriculture nurse, Cheryl Witt, came up with the idea for the coins.

Witt grew up on a farm in South Central Kentucky and also works with Raising Hope.

“As far as mental health and seeking help for mental health, we have there’s a stigma in the culture of farmers, well, in mental health in general, that poses a barrier for seeking help from your mental health. And we want so we wanted to reduce the stigma,” Witt said.

Pottinger encourages other farmers to not suffer in silence.

“Talk to people. Don’t let stuff build up in your head. There’s always a way forward. A quick exit out of life is never the answer,” Dobson said.”  Watch the video from Spectrum news here

 For more information about the signs and symptoms of stress and suicide, click here 

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